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Travel Web Design

Our team have a tried and tested knowledge of leading edge web design and best practices within the industry
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5 seconds. That's all you get.

In a world where time is of the essence and people expect everything to work as fast as possible your website has to perform optimally. We make sure that your visitors not only stay on your site longer, but they also turn into customers.

Before we start any project with you we take the time to get to know your company and your business goals.

We then go through our design process to build the vision for your website based on your needs and USP's. We prefer to work iteratively and in an agile way (meaning you get to be involved and see weekly changes to the development) which allows Igloo to innovate naturally.

If you already have an existing website then our digital marketing team will assess it's current standing in the industry, analyse your statistics and start the process of tracking users.

Award Winning Design

Headed by our Creative Director, our design team uses the latest design techniques to create bespoke work that is not only functional but is extremely creative to boot.

We find that a lot of travel based websites are stuck in the past, losing momentum and using archaic practices that now hinder performance and conversion. That's why Igloo employs world-class designers, user experience experts and developers from leading-edge digital agencies from the UK to drive better processes and experiences into the digital travel sector.

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