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Our Values

We truly believe in our values - they are the reason we formed Igloo in the first place
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What we stand for

The most important aspects at the root of Igloo are our values and what we stand for. At Igloo we feel the values are our foundations and strive to let them permeate throughout everything we do.

It is important to us to create innovative solutions that work so we can flourish together with our clients. We want to be people other people want to work with, be that as fellow staff, suppliers, partners or customers. We want lasting and positive relationships and we want to work in ways that sustain our planet and its communities.

We always aspire to do the following things:

Be transparent

Communication is difficult when you are operating across the globe. We understand that and strive to overcome it by being up front and straight talking when it comes to dealing with anyone. We don't agree in hidden sneaky charges and fees or little catches in contracts and we expect the same from everyone, just as we presume other people expect the same.

Be respectful

We truly believe that good manners make for good business. Respect is something earned not given and that starts with the first time we meet. Igloo's goal is to build long term relationships that really mean something to all parties involved.

The user is always the most important factor

We focus on providing the best user experiences possible. We settle for nothing less. Whether we’re designing a new experiential holiday or developing a new application we take great care to always serve the user first and foremost. Without a good user experience the product simply isn't good enough!

Great is okay, but never settle for it

We see creating great things as a starting point, not an endpoint. We firmly believe in innovating and iterating - taking tried and tested software, applications and technology and thinking outside the box to make them better.

Aspire to be sustainable

We are part of a living, breathing world. There are many beautiful places to experience and we want to keep it that way. At Igloo we are passionate about working with sustainable and eco-friendly businesses that also care about our amazing planet. After all, the travel sector depends on it!

Flourish together

Profit together. Grow together. We aim to offer you more than just a quick fix or a one off deal. Igloo are committed to long term, mutually beneficial relationships. You succeed - we succeed. Everyone smiles.